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The GMR-FRVALC Listserv is an email discussion list dedicated to enhancing communication among FRVALC members. 

To subscribe, contact

Keep the initial message you receive welcoming you to the list.  It contains useful information about how to post messages, unsubscribe, etc.  

Here are a few of the basic commands:

bulletTo send a message to everyone on the FRVALC Listserv, send your message to  GMR-FRVALC@LIST.UIOWA.EDU  

                      You must be a member of the list to send messages.

bulletWhen replying to messages received on FRVALC, please check the "To" address in your reply to make sure that your message is addressed to the proper recipients.  You may not want to broadcast a personal message to the whole FRVALC membership.
bulletTo unsubscribe from GMR-FRVALC, send the command "unsubscribe gmr-frvalc" to "LISTSERV@LIST.UIOWA.EDU"


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GMR-FRVALC Listserv at University of Iowa


* The name of the list: GMR-FRVALC

       * The LISTSERV host name: LIST.UIOWA.EDU

 The following email addresses are used for the specified purposes:

 * To send an email to the list: GMR-FRVALC@LIST.UIOWA.EDU

 * To contact the list owner: GMR-FRVALC-request@LIST.UIOWA.EDU

 Contact the List owner to request to be added to the list.    FRVALC Members will automatically be added to the list.

 * To send commands to the LISTSERV server: LISTSERV@LIST.UIOWA.EDU

 * To unsubscribe from the list, send a blank message to  GMR-FRVALC-signoff-request@LIST.UIOWA.EDU

 The following URLs may also be useful:

 * The GMR-FRVALC list home page:

 * The list subscription page:



Contributions  sent to  this  list are  automatically  archived. You  can access the list archives at:   (as of 5-2016)

             You may need to log in to view the archives.


For more information on the tools and options available for list subscribers, refer to the official L-Soft online documentation.

The FRVALC email discussion group is hosted by the National Network of Medical Libraries - Greater Midwest Region (NN/LM-GMR).  The moderator is Michele Matucheski < mmatuche @ >.


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